We’re pet parents too!

Lucky Paws Pet Supply

We are a locally owned and operated independent pet store. It all started with pet parents who were having trouble finding what they needed for their own pets in the area.

Lucky Paws Pet Supply in the Mill Bay Centre opened on September 1st, 2012, and hasn’t looked back! The original focus was to provide a variety of quality pet food for every budget. Over the years, the store has grown and the variety of products has grown with it. The store’s main focus is dog and cat, however, we do love small animals too so there is a section devoted to them. In 2016, the store expanded to adapt to the growing raw feeding demand in the area. Even the staff has grown to include many locals who are pet lovers. Lucky Paws is ever-expanding with new foods and supplies that pets and pet parents will love.

In 2019, Lucky Paws expanded once again, but this time it was an additional location! Lucky Paws Pet Supply and Dog Wash was opened at the CrossRoads Mall, just south of Duncan. This location has two beautiful U-Bath Dog Wash stations where pet parents can bath their dogs. Shampoo, towels, blow-drying, and even brushing is included. With many of the same foods and supplies customers love at the Mill Bay location, and a few new items that are exclusive to CrossRoads.


The Pet Corner

Big Cat Lounging on Chair

Happy Pet Families

We are very proud of the services & products we provide our customers.
“Always very friendly at Lucky Paws. Great selection of products! This is my favorite pet store to shop at. I highly recommend!”
Amanda Lewis
“Our absolute go-to for all things dog. They are so patient with all my endless questions and my 3-year-old son constantly wanting to feed the fish. Thanks guys for all your help!”
Angela Bridgman
“Best Pets store ever. The owners are incredibly passionate and truly care about each and every pet and their owner. I would recommend this shop to anyone.”
Alexander Graham
“Lucky Paws is very much a big part of our pet community, excellent customer service, great knowledge of their products of quality foods and supplies.”
Oliwia Giercuszkiewicz