Pack Points Coming to Lucky Paws in

Lucky Paws Pet Supply is excited to announce a new loyalty program starting January 1, 2023. 

It’s one of the best pet loyalty programs on Vancouver Island – be among the first to join to receive special offers. 

Sign up now and you will receive special early member benefits of exclusive deals and one FREE Naturawls Sheep Kefir or Naturawls Sheep Milk supplements for your pet!

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    Pack Points

    Pack Points is one of the best pet loyalty programs on Vancouver Island!

    We value our customers so we created this simple, best value loyalty program just for you. 

    Here’s how it works

    Get 25 pack points for every dollar spent on anything in the store.

    Every 10,000 points earns a $10 voucher!

    Bonus: You will receive 500 bonus points every time your purchase is over $100, to help you earn faster. That equates to 3,000 points earned!

    Plus: Frequent Buyer Rewards are offered on select pet food products – get one FREE bag/box when you make 12 eligible purchases (ask our staff for details).

    INSTANT WIN: When you are in-store and enter your phone number on the Pack Points tablet you will have a chance to instantly win up to 10,000 pack points!! It also calls up your account so you can see what your total points are, vouchers you have earned, if applicable, and where you are at with the Frequent Buyer programs. 

    You will start accumulating Pack Points at Lucky Paws Pet Boutique on the first day of the New Year!

    * Please chat with our staff if you have questions about the Pack Points program.