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Importance of Early Puppy Socialization

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Did you know that Socialization with other puppies similar in age and socialization with lots of people is one of the most important parts of a pup’s education?  It’s not enough for a puppy to be socialized with dogs in the same household or the same people day to day.

With Just Doggin’ It Adventures & Training, Our Puppy Socials (Puppy Play Groups) are supervised by experienced Dog Trainers who are also certified in DogSafe Canine First Aid.  We take special care in helping pups build confidence and feel comfortable with other pups of different sizes, breeds, and play energy while also learning to play appropriately with each other.

There are many Benefits to Puppy Socialization which include helping pups learn appropriate play manners, develop good bite control (using a soft mouth), and most importantly, confidence building around other pups and people.  These skills need to be taught at a young age. 

By 12 weeks of age, a pup should have met lots of people, children, dogs, and other puppies and feel comfortable around them. By 18 weeks of age, a pup should have developed good bite inhibition skills, taught by playing with other puppies of similar ages. 

Pups get an hour of supervised playtime & socialization with other puppies and humans in a safe indoor environment.  What a great way to meet other puppy owners too!

Please note: Socialization classes are for Pups 8 weeks to approx. 7-9 months of age.


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