Tollden Puppies Raw Beginnings

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Brand: Tollden Farms
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The Raw Beginnings line is specifically formulated to ensure the best start to your puppy’s life.

Raw Beginnings offers two formulas that when fed in rotation provide 5 different proteins for your growing pup, along with low glycemic greens, seeds, and kelp. 

And you can be assured if it’s made by Tollden Farms it:

  • Does not contain synthetic additives or preservatives
  • Is antibiotic & growth hormone free
  • Is grain-free
  • Provides Omega 3 & 6’s
  • Is made in Canada

Raw Beginnings

Our Raw Beginnings puppy food has been carefully formulated to give puppies the best start in life. Packaged for convenience, Raw Beginnings can be fed for the first year of your pet’s life.

  • For puppies of all breeds
  • Contains only farm fresh, human grade ingredients
  • Specially formulated for growing puppies
  • Feed between 5% - 10% of your puppy’s weight - depending on breed and activity level


Double ground beef, heart, turkey bones, liver, eggs, romaine lettuce, dandelion leaves, sweet potato, carrot, collards, kale, zucchini, kelp, and omega-3 cold pressed fish oil.

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